Indian drugmaker seeks to toss ‘bloated’ billion-dollar lawsuit over Covid vaccine candidate

A drug manufacturer is looking to end a suit brought on by a Seattle-based biotech.

Emcure Pharmaceuticals, a Pune, India-based manufacturer of generic drugs, is pressing a court in Washington to toss out a suit brought on by HDT Bio over a vaccine to prevent Covid-19.

The current motion filed by Emcure on Friday seeks to dismiss the case on several grounds, partially because the court has no authority over an Indian company, Emcure says, and because there is no way that Emcure could damage HDT.

“HDT Bio Corp. hauled Emcure Pharmaceuticals Ltd. an Indian generic drug manufacturer and distributor with no Washington contacts, into this Court so it could disparage Emcure, damage its reputation, and, at the same time, create publicity for itself,” the motion said. “The Complaint’s bloated billion-dollar damages demand shows this case for what it is: a made-for-headlines hit piece.”

The motion claims that the allegations…
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