After Roe, startups seek to fill Big Pharma’s male contraception gap

As a high schooler, Kevin Eisenfrats turned to an unusual source when applying to chemical and biomedical engineering programs: “16 and Pregnant.” The MTV show took center stage in his college application essay, providing a view into the 17-year-old’s desire to research male contraceptive pills. “Why has there never been a male pill?” he posed. “Doesn’t the male partner have the same responsibility as the female partner?”

Twelve years later, with the overturning of Roe v. Wade and contraceptive access called into question by a Supreme Court justice, those questions remain front of mind for Eisenfrats, whose medical device company is developing a male contraceptive.

And still seven decades after “the pill” became available, followed by additional options for women, condoms and vasectomies are the only options for men.

Big Pharma abandoned male contraceptive development around 2006, putting to bed one clinical-stage hormonal contraceptive, laying off teams and evaporating a…
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