Twist Bioscience’s ‘Factory of the Future’ in Oregon could deliver with competitive pricing, SVB Securities says

The synthetic DNA manufacturer Twist Bioscience has given a peek behind the curtain to several analysts into its “Factory of the Future” as well as insight into the cost structure, workflow and technology at the site.

The 110,000-square-foot manufacturing site in the city of Wilsonville, OR, just south of Portland, which was announced back in 2020, will double Twist’s production capacity and bring around 400 jobs to the area.

In a visit to the site by analysts from SVB Securities, Twist’s senior management shared that the site will not only expand the manufacturing capacity for Twist, but it can also add new product capabilities.

According to SVB’s analysis, the factory currently has four “DNA writers” which can each produce around $50 million in annual revenue, and the facility has the room to add eight more. The factory also provides Twist with the space needed to accelerate production speed more…
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