‘Galvanized’ by early data, British biotech Myricx secures $114M series A to take ADCs into clinic

When it comes to the red-hot antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) space, Big Pharmas have tended to head to China to build up their pipelines. But U.K.-based Myricx Bio has caught the eye of a crop of major investors courtesy of its unique science.

It was enough to bring in $114 million via a series A financing that the London-based biotech will use to get two candidates into the clinic over the coming years as well as expand the company’s workforce.

Asia may see a lot of ADC action at the moment, but the U.K. has its own proud history of developing the modality, according to Myricx’s CEO Robin Carr, Ph.D.

Myricx Bio CEO Robin Carr. c. Imperial, Jason Alden

MyricX CEO Robin Carr, Ph.D.(Myricx)

He points to Spirogen, “one of the earliest novel payload companies,” which was picked up by AstraZeneca in 2013. Before that…
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